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REM Sofia 2020 (European Meeting)

1. Oktober 2020 – 4. Oktober 2020 ganztägig
Sofia (Bulgarien)
REM Sofia/Autumn 2020 – Your next remarkable adventure!
Dear Rotaract friends, after months of very hard work, we are more than happy to announce that Sofia will be running as candidate to host the Autumn REM 2020!
Sofia is one of these cities that offers visitors “something for everyone” and can satisfy the whims of every pretentious tourist. The city has a very rich historical and archaeological heritage that, at the same time, coexists with modern European architecture from the beginning of the previous century as well as with socialist monumental buildings from the totalitarian regime. Sofia lies just 15 minutes away from an imposing mountain, where you can spend some time in nature. Аt the end of the day, you can visit some of the best restaurants and nightclubs in the capital – famous for it’s amazing nightlife.
REM is a unique opportunity for all Rotaractors from Europe to connect, learn from each other and impact our communities! Let’s make it #REMarkable, let’s make it in Sofia!
HOC REM SOFIA Autumn 2020